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Magnolia Tree Pictures

Magnolia Tree Category contains many pictures of Magnolia Trees, photos of flowering Magnolia Trees, list of types of magnolia trees, facts and Magnolia references.

Tree Types

Tree picture galleries on the left gives you information about that specific tree type with lots of great pictures and facts on that tree.


Magnolia tree is a great stand alone flowering tree or as a landscape tree to build a garden around.

Magnolia Photos

Magnolia Tree: Tulip Magnolia Blossoms | Tree:Magnolia+Tulip+Blossoms at

Full size each Magnolia picture you like, just click on the image to make the Magnolia photo enlarge. Enjoy these pictures of Magnolia Trees and its beautiful flowers.

Magnolia Tree Pictures

Pictures of Magnolia Trees: Picture of the Magnolia Tree and its beautiful spring blossoms Magnolia Tree Blossom Picture, Picture of the Magnolia Tree and its beautiful spring blossoms

Pink Magnolia Blossom

Magnolia Flowers

Magnolia, Magnolia Tree with its Pretty White Spring Flowers Magnolia Tree Picture, close up picture of a Magnolia Tree with its pretty white spring blossom

Magnolia Tree in Bloom

Magnolia Blossom

Magnolia Tree: Picturesque Magnolia Tree with its Carpet of Magnolia Petals Magnolia Tree: Close Up Picture of Magnolia Flowers Opening

Magnolia Petals

Magnolia Flowers

Magnolia Tulip Tree: Beautiful Early Pink Magnolia Spring Blossoms Magnolia Tree Picture, close up picture of a Magnolia Tree with its pretty white spring blossom

Pink Magnolia Blossom

Magnolia Bud

Magnolia Tree: Beautiful Early Pink Magnolia Tulip Spring Blossoms Magnolia Tulip Flower Bud: Early Pink Magnolia Spring Bud - Spring Image

Magnolia Tree In Flower

Tulip Magnolia Bud

Merrill Magnolia Flowers, stunning fragrant white star-shaped flowers with yellow eyes Magnolias: White Magnolia Blossoms Landscape Photo

Merrill Magnolia

Magnolia Flowers

Elizabeth Magnolia: Yellow Stunning Magnolia Bloom Magnolias: Elizabeth Magnolia - Large Yellow Blooms Blossoms For Wow Landscaping

Elizabeth Magnolia Variety

Unique Magnolia Flowers

Magnolias: Magnolia Flowers

Magnolia Tree Blossom Picture, Picture of the Magnolia Tree and its beautiful spring blossoms Magnolias: Picture of the Beautiful White Star Magnolia Flower Blossoms magnolia tree picture

Magnolia Buds

Star Magnolia

Magnolia Flower

Magnolia Tree Blossom Picture, Picture of the Magnolia Tree and its beautiful pink and white spring blossoms magnolia tree picture Magnolia Tree Picture, close up picture of a Magnolia Tree spring bud


Saucer Magnolia

Merrill Magnolia

Magnolia Flower: Elizabeth Magnolia Trees Yellow Blossom

Elizabeth Magnolia

Magnolia Flower: Close up picture of a Alexandrina Magnolia Trees Pink-Red Blossom

Alexandrina Magnolia

Magnolia Tree Pics: Close up image of Magnolia Trees Blossom Petals in Spring

Magnolia Scaucer

Magnolia Flowers: Magnolia Betty Blossom Picture

Betty Magnolia

Magnolia Flowers: Close up picture of a Magnolia Trees Pink Blossom

Alexandrina Magnolia

Magnolia Flower: Close up image of Magnolia Trees Blossom Petals in Spring

Magnolia Flower

Magnolia Flower: Star Magnolia White Blossom Picture

Star Magnolia

Magnolia Flower: Alexandrina Magnolias Blossom Picture

Alexandrina Magnolia

Magnolia Tree Flower: Galaxy Magnolias Blossom Picture

Galaxy Magnolia

Magnolia Flower: Elizabeth Magnolia Yellow Blossom Picture

Elizabeth Magnolia

Magnolia Tree Flower: Spectrum Magnolia's Blossom Picture

Spectrum Magnolia

Magnolia Flower: Picture of Magnolia Tree Bud about to Blossom

Magnolia Bud

Magnolia Flower: Picture of the Galaxy Magnolia Tree Flower about to Blossom

Galaxy Magnolia

Pictures of Magnolia Trees: Betty Magnolia Flowers Starting To Bloom

Betty Magnolia

Magnolias: More Magnolia Trees

White Magnolia Tree Picture, picture of the Magnolia Tree with white spring blossoms

Magnolia Stellata

Magnolia Tree Picture: White Blossom of the Star Magnolia

Magnolia Flowers

magnolia tree picture

Magnolia Tree

magnolia tree picture magnolia tree picture magnolia tree picture
magnolia tree picture magnolia tree picture magnolia tree picture
magnolia tree picture magnolia tree picture japanese magnolia tree picture
magnolia tree picture magnolia tree picture magnolia tree picture
Pictures of Magnolia Trees; Fall Picture of Elizabeth Magnolia Tree Leaf Leaves    

Magnolia Tree Pictures

Magnolia Tree White   Magnolia Tree Blossoms
Magnolia Tree Pictures   Magnolia Tree Flower
Magnolia Tree Branches   Magnolia Tree Bud
Magnolia Tree Bark

Magnolia Tree, Facts about Magnolia Trees

Magnolia trees bear flowers in shades of pink, red, purple or yellow depending on the variety. There are over 150 species of magnolia trees that are commonly found in North America.

Magnolias: The popularity of the magnolia tree as a landscape tree can be attributed to the magnolias large fragrant blossoms that appear early Spring before the leaves unfold.

Types of Magnolia Trees

  • Dwarf Magnolia Trees
  • Elizabeth Magnolia Trees, Magnolia x 'Elizabeth'
  • Galaxy Magnolia Trees
  • Jane Magnolia Tree, member of "Little Girl" hybrid magnolias
  • Japanese Magnolia Trees
  • Magnolia Stellata, called Star Magnolia Trees
  • Merrill Magnolia Trees
  • Saucer Magnolia, Magnolia x soulangiana
  • Southern Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora)
  • The Little Girl Hybrids
  • Tulip Magnolia Trees

Scientific Name: Magnolia x Soulangiana

Foliage: Deciduous broadleaf
Height: 25 feet
Spread: 20 feet
Shape: Bushy

Magnolia Flowers: Chinese Tulip

Magnolia Tree: Tulip Magnolia Blossoms | Tree:Magnolia+Tulip+Blossoms at

Large white and pink, cup-shaped flowers appear in spring before summer foliage. Deep green, summer foliage turns brown in fall.

Magnolia Tree Shrub Needs

Light: Partial shade to full sun
Moisture: Wet, moist, or dry
Soil Type: Sandy or loam
pH Range: 3.5 to 7.0

Suggested uses for this plant include border, and specimen plant. Sold as a shrub at nurseries and landscape yards, over time grows to a medium size tree.

Planting Notes
Transplant in the spring, using container-grown plants or those with balled and burlapped roots. Plant in moist, fertile, well-drained soil. Avoid southern exposures to reduce change of flowers being killed by spring frosts.

Easy to maintain. If required, prune after spring flowering.

Click here to learn how to improve the soil.

No serious problems.

Consult local sources, including historic or public gardens and arboreta, regarding cultivars and related species that grow well in your area.

`Alba Superba' has white flowers that are fragrant. The outside of the petals are tinged with light purple.

`Lombardy Rose' flowers for several weeks. Its petals are a rose color on lower side and white on the upper side.

The natural habit of this magnolia tree tends to be shrubby, with multiple stems and a rounded to spreading shape, but it may be trained to a single trunk. Begins flowering at an early age and provides a mass of color.

Magnolia Tree: Care, Trivia, Reference, Comments

Magnolia Care: Blossoms

Saucer Magnolia

Spring's fragrant tulip shaped flowers come in colors of deep rose, most common, maroon and/or white. The Magnolia blossoms are referred to, by some, as cup or saucer shaped.

Tulip Magnolia

Why are the Tulip Magnolia flowers one of the first booms we see in Spring?

The Tulip Magnolia produces it's large leaf like blossoms before the green magnolia leaves develop. In spring, one sees its beautiful colorful pink blooms on the branches of the tree without the leaves hiding its beautiful flowers.

Be careful not to mow or use a weed eater too close to your magnolia tree as nicks and cuts in the bark can make it susceptible to disease and pests.

Magnolia Tree Care

The petals of the Tulip Magnolia are oily to the touch. When they fall from the tree, the blooms need to be picked up on regular 1-2 day basis to prevent the magnolia flowers from killing your grass.

Magnolia Tree Disease

Magnolia scale is a large insect native to North America. These insects can kill the Magnolia tree if left untreated. Horticultural oils should be applied to scale-infested magnolia trees in August, November and March.

Magnolia Tree Trivia

The State of Mississippi adopted the magnolia as its official state tree based on the overwhelming results from a vote taken by school children.

No specific Magnolia species was specified, but many look to the Southern Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) as Mississippi's state tree.

Mississippi Legislature designated the Magnolia as the official State Tree on April 1, 1938.

The State of Mississippi has many magnolia trees and is nicknamed
The Magnolia State.

Magnolia Tree Symbolism

The magnolia tree symbolizes something long lasting and dear to the heart.

Magnolia trees bloom from April to June. First flowers appear 7 years after planting. Flowers last two to three weeks before dropping. It is important to rake up the petals as they fall because leaving them to pile up and decompose may damage your lawn.

Magnolia flowers release a sugary scent which attracts bees. The pollen is rich with proteins that the bees use as food. Bees are the number one pollinators of magnolias.

Magnolia Flower

The Magnolia flower was designated the state flower of Louisiana in 1900's.

Magnolias are a great flower to include in a bouquet as it has a floral meaning of nobility.

Houston, Texas is nicknamed "Magnolia City" due to the vast number of magnolia trees growing within the city.

Magnolia Tree Pictures

For Magnolia Tree Types & Facts see Magnolia Tree Pictures

Magnolia Tree White   Magnolia Tree Blossoms
Magnolia Tree Pictures   Magnolia Tree Flower
Magnolia Tree Branches   Magnolia Tree Bud
Magnolia Tree Bark

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Rhododenrons Flowers: Blooming Rhododenron Tree Shrub Photos, Images, Picture Library, In May at the Eiffel Tower, Paris

Rhododendron: France

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Rose Shrub Flower, Picture of Pink Rose Shrub Flower with Rain Droplets, Image of Roses


Maple Trees, Photo Green Maple Tree Leaf with Rain Droplets, Image of Maple Trees

Maple Trees

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